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DNC-terminal is the simplest way to upgrade your CNC-machine

DNCterminal (c) is the pocket electronic device providing with the functions of NC programs storing (from a PC or a NC) and transferring (to a NC or a PC). Its equipped with 3 types of interfaces (RS-232, current loop and parallel), 16M of flash memory, 2-string display, keyboard and a microchip with the built-in software that supports the internal file system and provides with a number of communication protocols to interface various NC-units.

There are a lot of reasons (at least 10) to use this DNC-terminal. The most obvious are:

  • Dismissing of paper or magnetic tapes, as well as paper tape readers and punchers.

  • Eliminating of manual input of NC programs by means of keyboard.

  • Possibility to keep debugged and proved NC programs in the PC data base.

  • No electrical cables between PC and your machine tools. You deliver up to 999 NC programs to NC-machine in your pocket!

  • Installation procedure takes up to 10 minutes. Just plug in a communication cable to your NC-unit and start working!

  • Productivity of workers, NC-programmers and maintenance specialists increases dramatically.

  • One DNC terminal may be used to support up to 10 machine tools, equipped with the various NC-units.

  • Text or binary NC-data may be processed (stored and transferred).

  • Up to 90 different types of NC-units are supported by means of specific cables shipped together with DNC-terminal. The short list of NC-units supported see below.

  • High performance and friendly interface:

    • 16M of flash memory allowing to keep up to 999 NC programs as long as you need;

    • Browsing through a list of programs in the flash memory and browsing through a text of a particular NC-program on built-in 2-string display;

    • Possibility to keep and transfer tools data, corrections and other machine-tool specific data and NC-software as well;

    • DNC-terminal is a very simple device and it takes up to 10 minutes to get know how to use it. No maintenance needed!

Widespreding: More then 3000 terminals are in use at 300 plants at Russia, CIS and European community.

Extra short user manual (see picture below):

First step: connect DNC-terminal to PC and download necessary NC-programs to terminal;

Second step: put DNC-terminal into the pocket and go to the shop, where connect terminal to NC-unit;

Third step: enter 3 parameters:

  • NC type (choose it from the list of supported NC);

  • NC-program name;

  • Direction of transfer (from NC to terminal or from terminal to NC);

Fourth step: Press button "READ" or "WRITE" ("INPUT"/"OUTPUT") depending on the NC-type and function you need (the same actions as you do while use conventional media).

Finish: After successfully downloading of an NC-program to NC or uploading of a program to terminal — unplug terminal and go to the next machine.

The DNC-terminal set includes:

  • Terminal

  • Power supply unit

  • Connection cable for NC (usually specific for each NC-unit)

  • CD with the software for PC and manuals

List of most popular NC-units supported:

Bosch Alpha 2
Bosch Micro 5
Bosch Micro 8
Bosch 100
Bosch 200
Bosch 300
Fanuc 3000
Fanuc 0
Fanuc 10
Fanuc 18
Fanuc 21
Fanuc 6M
Heidenhain TNC145
Heidenhain TNC151
Heidenhain TNC155
Heidenhain CNC332
Heidenhain TNC355
Heidenhain TNC426
Sinumerik System 3
Sinumerik 3T
Sinumerik 4
Sinumerik 5
Sinumerik 6
Sinumerik 7T
Sinumerik 8
Sinumerik Sprint 8ME
Sinumerik 520
Sinumerik 810
Sinumerik 802
Sinumerik 850
Vector 80

CNZ Auktor (Olivetti)
CNC 785M K&K
CNC/Nucon 400
Eltra Pilot
NCT 2000 M
NS 420
NS 550
NS 660
NS 720
NUM 760T
Philips 3580
ZIT 500

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